We are on a mission to be the most conscious fashion brand and our vision of luxury is grounded in the principle that finely crafted, meticulously designed apparel made from only natural and sustainable fabrics should remain widely accessible in all respects, a humble ethos that is palpable in its pared down yet undeniably current fashion identity.

We want to be as sustainable as possible in our approach to fashion because we believe fashion isn’t just about trends but it’s a way of life that support other lives (if done ethically, and consumed mindfully).


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Our production site is certified according to the latest GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) sustainability standards.

"Our mission is to make every part of fashion more SOULful".


Vertical Production

With a vertically integrated production process right from knitting yarns, to dyeing and printing to making products and shipping from our in-house factories located around Kolkata, India, we take utmost care to carefully address each step along the way in order to deliver a top notch product and reduce wastage of resources in every possible way.

SOULKRITH products are “Made in India” - 85% of the fabrics are produced in our own textile production facilities in Kolkata.

Our factory is the leading specialist for knitted fabrics made of organic and natural  fiber  and guarantees sustainable production in Kolkata. In order to maintain environmentally-friendly standards, the machinery is constantly upgraded and modernized. Our production site is certified in compliance with the most recent G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) sustainability standards.

Our demands on quality and excellence extend to our production sites. No expense is spared in meeting these demands, which includes manufacturing and finishing our own fabrics. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production processes, the fabrics we create are unique. Seamless and hem-less finishes, soft mercerization, and the very closest stitching requirements are just a few of our innovations, all of which we are constantly working on developing further. 

Having a short supply chain ensures that we save a lot of carbon footprints from transit of materials at various stages of production process . 



Transparency is key to accountability, which is why we disclose 100% details of our supply chain. Where was your garment knitted and what fibres used, where was dyeing and printing done, what kind of dyes used, where was the final product manufactured. How and where we make our product matters. We focus on things like traceability, fibre standards and clean chemistry to ensure you get the best product and we lessen the environmental and social impact of our stuff.


 Intermitten Production with Small Batch Production

Did you know that over 40 billion garments made each year are never sold and the landfills are being filled with unsold clothes that have never been worn.

Our limited production model helps us from overproducing as we believe stuff so good shouldn’t go to waste. Also this help us to keep our collection extra-exclusive, and perfect our stuff the way you would like it.